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Our Mission: Treatment & Prevention

Happy Family in Nature

Alternative & Holistic Health Service for you and your family


I and my family are very thankful that we have come to know about Heilkunst and you. You have helped us so much. I would say it is life changing.

We are a much healthier, happier and stronger family thanks to you and Heilkunst.

Thank you for your devotion and hard work. - H.

The HCH Romantic Healthcare Clinic is an international center for the practice of Medical Heilkunst and Romantic Science Healthcare.  


We are in the practice of promoting general health and treating and preventing disease for people of all ages. We provide a systematic, integrated, holistic approach to identifying and removing the underlying causes of acute and chronic illnesses.


We offer services in alternative medicine, Heilkunst homeopathy, dynamic nutrition and regimen, bioresonance assessment and treatment, movement therapy, and counseling. 


Based on natural law principles, we prescribe safe, non-toxic remedies for a wide range of disease conditions.


We are here to help you achieve:


  • optimal physical health 

  • emotional balance

  • mental clarity


Our unique and scientifically-based approach to health allows us to create an individualized plan for you.  MyHealthPlan is a plan for health created for the unique you.

Our Practitioners

CoCo Verspoor

Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, DMH


Areas of Practice: 

  • Dynamic Medicine

  • Sequential Heilkunst Treatment

  • Dynamic Regimen (Holistic Nutrition)

  • Dynamic Movement Therapy

  • Women & Traumas

  • Allergy (Dynamized Oral ImmunoTherapy)

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Rudi Verspoor

Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, DMH, DRHC(Physic), DRHC(Med)

Areas of Practice:

  • Dynamic Medicine

  • Sequential Heilkunst Treatment

  • Bio-resonance CoRe Assessment and Treatment

  • Dynamic Regimen (Foundational and Advanced Regimen)

  • Dynamic Counselling 


Clinic Office

Frances Quin, DHHP


Our clinic office administrator is Frances Quinn.


Frances will help you book your initial and follow-up consultations as well as other services. She provides guidance on matters that can arise between consultations with your practitioner or, if needed,  will contact your practitioner on your behalf. In general, and when in doubt, Frances is the best place to start.


Frances is dedicated and thoroughly enjoys helping others to receive the help they are looking for with Heilkunst and Romantic Healthcare.


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Contact the Clinic Office

Phone: 1-613-658-5734

Hours: Monday to Friday 9 - 4 (EST)

About the HCH

The Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst (HCH) is a federally-registered not-for-profit trust with the objects of health and education. 

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