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New patients start with an Initial Consultation or Special Consultation*.


After your Initial Consultation, you will continue with the other services.

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Initial Consultation includes assessment and treatment:

  • ​Initial assessment of overall health

  • Assessment of timeline traumas

  • One treatment session (including suggested remedies)

  • Constitutional Support formula

  • Emotional Support formula

  • Organ Support formula

  • Drainage/Detox​ formulas

  • ​Holistic nutritional advice

New patients start here!

Initial Consultation

(Homeopathic remedies included in the fee)

Appointment by Skype/Phone

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  • Assessment and treatment - trauma timeline

  • Assessment and treatment - inherited disease patterns

  • Support the healing process 

  • Continue the sequential removal of traumas

  • Holistic nutritional advice

  • Identify any additional support needed:

    • Bioresonance CoRe

    • Movement Therapy

    • Dynamic Counselling

    • Regimen Protocol

Traumas and inherited diseases

Heilkunst Follow-Up

(Homeopathic remedies included in the fee)

Appointment by Skype/Phone

Legal Research and Writing
  • Heilkunst Follow-Up consultation by email report when the case is proceeding well and there are few issues to discuss, or when Skype or phone consultations are not possible

  • For simple acute complaints

  • For existing patients only

Traumas and inherited diseases

Heilkunst E-Consult

(Homeopathic remedies included in the fee)

Consultation by Email

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Foundation Regimen Package (3 Sessions) 

  • Provide a detailed analysis of your diet, nutrition, exercise, and hydration

  • Create your unique diet and nutritional plan 

  • Determine detoxification protocol

  • Monitor progress 

  • Adjust plan as needed


Advanced Regimen Package (4 Sessions)

  • Provide coaching to maintain your Foundational Plan 

  • Provide metabolic balancing:

    • Analysis of Fundamental Homeostatic Controls using objective testing

    • Analysis of Mineralogical Systems affecting nutrients on basis of objective testing

A healthy lifestyle for life

Regimen Program

Appointment by Skype/Phone

Burst of Light
  • One-of-a-kind bioresonance analysis trays developed by the Center for Romantic Science

  • Radionic assessment and identification of complex blockages

  • Address deeper and wider layers of causalities  

  • Identify remedies to resolve blockages

  • Discuss the results of the assessment (optional)

Getting at the core of complex issues

Bioresonance CoRe

(Homeopathic remedies included in the fee)

Appointment by Skype/Phone

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Based on individual health needs, selected Healing Sequences are taught and practiced at each session. Benefits of regular healing sequences: 


  • support the healthy development of the whole being

  • integrate the flow from one's spirit to the body, mind, and soul

  • improve sense of self and other, sense of space, how to relate to others, how to direct movement from within

  • help perceptive hearing and forming of speech and communication in language and in movement

  • become more "inside" one's own body

  • become more aware of one's inner and outer movement and actions

  • become more content to live and work here on earth. Moral development and health are one.

Movement of the soul

Movement Therapy

Appointment by Skype/Video call

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Young Family

Healing relationships

Dynamic Counselling

Appointment by Skype/Phone

  • Counseling on relationship issues for

    • couples

    • parents

    • young adults

  • Advice on handling specific issues

  • Techniques and approaches to use to improve relationships and to help resolve issues

First Aid

Common conditions

Complimentary remedy kit

Special Consultation

Appointment by


  • First Aid Readiness Truff-aid

    • Basic First Aid Remedy Kit 

    • Free online Remedy Reference Guide vi

  • Flu Prevention 

  • Seasonal Allergy 

  • Travel Sickness

(Homeopathic remedies included in the fee)

Pricing includes homeopathic remedies.

Pricing in US dollars for non-Canadian residents.  In Canadian dollars for Canadian residents.