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New patients start with an Initial Consultation or Special Consultation*.


After your Initial Consultation, you will continue with the other services.

Initial Consultation

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Appointment by Skype/Phone

New patients start here!

Initial Consultation includes assessment and treatment:

  • ​Initial assessment of overall health

  • Assessment of timeline traumas

  • One treatment session (including suggested remedies)

  • Constitutional Support formula

  • Emotional Support formula

  • Organ Support formula

  • Drainage/Detox​ formulas

  • ​Holistic nutritional advice

(Homeopathic remedies included in the fee)

Nurse Checking Girl

Appointment by Skype/Phone

Heilkunst Follow-Up

Traumas and inherited diseases

  • Assessment and treatment - trauma timeline

  • Assessment and treatment - inherited disease patterns

  • Support the healing process 

  • Continue the sequential removal of traumas

  • Holistic nutritional advice

  • Identify any additional support needed:

    • Bioresonance CoRe

    • Movement Therapy

    • Dynamic Counselling

    • Regimen Protocol

(Homeopathic remedies included in the fee)

Legal Research and Writing

Heilkunst E-Consult

Traumas and inherited diseases

  • Heilkunst Follow-Up consultation by email report when the case is proceeding well and there are few issues to discuss, or when Skype or phone consultations are not possible

  • For simple acute complaints

  • For existing patients only

Consultation by Email

(Homeopathic remedies included in the fee)

Regimen Program

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Appointment by Skype/Phone

A healthy lifestyle for life

Foundation Regimen Package (3 Sessions) 

  • Provide a detailed analysis of your diet, nutrition, exercise, and hydration

  • Create your unique diet and nutritional plan 

  • Determine detoxification protocol

  • Monitor progress 

  • Adjust plan as needed


Advanced Regimen Package (4 Sessions)

  • Provide coaching to maintain your Foundational Plan 

  • Provide metabolic balancing:

    • Analysis of Fundamental Homeostatic Controls using objective testing

    • Analysis of Mineralogical Systems affecting nutrients on basis of objective testing

Bioresonance CoRe

Burst of Light

Appointment by Skype/Phone

Getting at the core of complex issues

  • One-of-a-kind bioresonance analysis trays developed by the Center for Romantic Science

  • Radionic assessment and identification of complex blockages

  • Address deeper and wider layers of causalities  

  • Identify remedies to resolve blockages

  • Discuss the results of the assessment (optional)

(Homeopathic remedies included in the fee)

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Appointment by Skype/Video call

Try out a Free Introductory Session

With no obligations

Movement Therapy

Movement of the soul

Based on individual health needs, selected Healing Sequences are taught and practiced at each session. Benefits of regular healing sequences: 


  • support the healthy development of the whole being

  • integrate the flow from one's spirit to the body, mind, and soul

  • improve sense of self and other, sense of space, how to relate to others, how to direct movement from within

  • help perceptive hearing and forming of speech and communication in language and in movement

  • become more "inside" one's own body

  • become more aware of one's inner and outer movement and actions

  • become more content to live and work here on earth. Moral development and health are one.

Young Family

Appointment by Skype/Phone

Dynamic Counselling

Healing relationships

  • Counseling on relationship issues for

    • couples

    • parents

    • young adults

  • Advice on handling specific issues

  • Techniques and approaches to use to improve relationships and to help resolve issues

First Aid

Appointment by


Special Consultation

Common conditions

Complimentary remedy kit

  • First Aid Readiness Truff-aid

    • Basic First Aid Remedy Kit 

    • Free online Remedy Reference Guide vi

  • Flu Prevention 

  • Seasonal Allergy 

  • Travel Sickness

(Homeopathic remedies included in the fee)

Pricing includes homeopathic remedies.

Pricing in US dollars for non-Canadian residents.  In Canadian dollars for Canadian residents.

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