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Treatment Process

The following diagram illustrates the treatment process used in Romantic Science Healthcare to develop MyHealthPlan - your unique health plan.


Your treatment process follows a dual track:


  • Dynamic Regimen

for disorders related to foundational issues: diet, nutrition, exercise, hydration, and toxins

  • Dynamic Medicine

for disease conditions involving life traumas and inherited issues (epigenetic)

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 9.31.01 AM.png

Details of Causal Treatment Process

Initial Consultation

  • Identify acute issues

  • Identify life traumas (timeline)

  • Review general state of regimen (diet, supplements, exercise, etc.)

  • Provide homeopathic remedies for

    • any acute issues

    • most recent traumas

    • constitutional support

    • emotional imbalances

    • stress and anxiety

    • organ support (adrenal function, liver function, hormonal balance, etc.)

    • detoxification

  • Provide educational material for building a healthy routine


Dynamic Medicine: 

Sequential Heilkunst Treatment 
  • Regular monthly follow-ups to assess progress and to provide subsequent remedies for trauma treatment along the timeline  

  • Modify overall support remedies (stress, detox, acute conditions) as needed

  • Follow-up consultations every 4-6 weeks are recommended

Dynamic Medicine:

Inherited Disease Conditions
  • Upon completion of the trauma timeline, commence a systematic treatment of inherited disease conditions

  • There are several layers of these conditions; therefore, the number of layers that need to be treated vary with each case

  • Follow-up consultations every 4-6 weeks, or as needed


Dynamic Regimen:

Regimen Consultation 
  • Identify major typologies for appropriate diet - blood and glandular types

  • Provide specific advice on fundamental supplements and products to strengthen foundational health

  • Follow-ups (bi-weekly) to support the implementation of enhanced regimen protocol and to review areas for adjustment

Dynamic Regimen:

Metabolic Balancing
  • Advanced assessment of two fundamental and critical drivers of metabolism:

    • homeostatic control functions (homeostasis)

    • mineralogical systems (nutrient operation)

  • Objective testing (at home or via a lab) - easily done at home or based on a small hair tissue sample


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