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Everything has a cause.


There is no difference between falling ill and losing your health. Treating the symptoms will not resolve the problem itself. It will only give temporary relief or suppress the problem, driving it deeper inwards.


Causal treatment is the only truly effective means to health. 


Identifying the causes can unfold like a detective story. Requiring great detective skills, a skilled health practitioner is able to uncover all the factors causing ill-health. 


Romantic Healthcare, based on Romantic Science, identifies the probable causes of ill-health for each case. The approach is systematic and holistic, achieving long-term health for the whole being.


Treatment is individualized. 

Each case follows a reliable map for treatment. Regardless of the symptom-based labels (like diabetes, migraine, depression, ASD), the underlying and contributing causes are considered for each individual case.

Causality-based Treatment

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Customized Plan

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