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The Plan: The Keys

The Plan consists of key ideas that unlock the often mysterious and hidden reasons for ill-health.

The Plan is the result of more than 20 years of clinical work and research plus the assimilation and integration of 200 years of research and clinical experience from numerous pioneers in vital science. 

Key Idea #1- Nutrients/Toxins

You become sick for two main reasons:

1. Nutrient Depletion

You are not getting the level of nutrients you need for optimal energy.

2. Toxic Load

You have toxic exposure that is beyond your system's capacity to detox.

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Key Idea #2 - Blockages/Traumas

There are various factors you have accumulated through life or inherited in some form (genetic and epigenetic) such as shocks and traumas. These factors block healthy functioning despite good nutrition and detoxification.


These blockages can be readily identified in each case from a list of "usual suspects" to create a map for a comprehensive and systematic treatment protocol while working in conjunction with nutrient repletion and toxic depletion.

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Key Idea #3 - Unique YOU

Uniqueness. Nothing is good or bad in itself. What matters is how you react. And you are unique spiritually and biochemically. What works for one person does not necessarily mean it will work for you. 


Determining what is right for you depends on various factors, the underlying principles of Romantic Science, to create a unique healthcare plan just for you. 

Key Idea #4 - Your Own Health Plan

Ultimately, you are your own best healthcare provider. Initially, you need assistance with establishing nutrient repletion, toxic depletion, and removal of blockages that are preventing optimal vital energy and operation, both physically and psychologically. This same treatment provides you the means and ability to maintain your health and to extend your life. 


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