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Services Fee

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Consultations by phone or video call for all areas of health concerns.
Remedies included and mailed directly from our office in Canada. 



Initial Consultation: Assessment and Treatment

300 (Standard)

250 (Child under 12)


Heilkunst Follow-Up

(Family rate available 50% discount)

Follow-Up by appointment

Follow-Up by appointment

120 (Standard)

180 (Extended)

Standard: up to 15 min.

Extended: up to 30 min.

Follow-Up by Email

100 (Email)

* Practitioner's discretion

* Regular monthly treatment is recommended. Sometimes one might require a Regular Follow-Up given the complexity of the issue. Please be advised that it's up to the practitioner's discretion if an e-consult is suitable for the situation. 

Dynamic Regimen 

Holistic Nutrition

Basic Regimen with Hair Analysis

Free/Included in Heilkunst Follow-up

350 (2 Reg. Consult + Kit)

One Basic Regimen Consult

Hair Analysis Kit

One Follow-up Regimen

Bioresonance CoRe

Standard CoRe 

120 (Standard CoRe)

140 (Standard CoRe + Report)

Integration Movement

Initial Movement Therapy

Movement Follow-Up

Movement Follow-Up-4

150 (Initial 45 min.)

100 (30 min,)

340 (85 per session)

Dynamic Counselling

Dynamic Counselling

120 (15-minute )

Dynamic Counselling

180 (30-minute )

Special Consultation*

* Special Consultation: Homeoprophylaxis, Flu Prevention,

First Aid, Seasonal Allergy, Travel Sickness, Dynamized Oral ImmunoTherapy (DOIT). (Remedy Kit included)

Hair Analysis Kit


TraceElement Lab

Hair Analysis Kit

Pricing includes remedies. Directly shipped from Canada.

Pricing in US dollars for non-Canadian residents.  In Canadian dollars for Canadian residents.

Cancellation Policy

Clients who fail to keep an appointment or who cancel less than 24 hours in advance of a consultation will be billed unless we are able to fill it in the meantime. We appreciate your understanding.

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