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Services Fee

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Consultations by phone or video call for your specific health needs.

Remedies included and mailed directly from our office in Canada. 



Initial Consultation: Assessment and Treatment


Fee 300 ( 250 for child < 12)  Breakdown: 

Initial Assessment

Initial Patient File

Initial Treatment

100 (50 for child <12)



Heilkunst Follow-Up

Regular Follow-Up

Regular Follow-Up

Special Consultation - Acute*

(Family rate available: contact us)

100 (Standard)

150 (Extended)

55 (Acute/Special)

Standard: up to 15 min.

Extended: up to 30 min.

for Regular Patients only

* Regular monthly treatment is recommended. Sometimes one might require a Regular Follow-Up given the complexity of the issue. Please be advised that it's up to the practitioner's discretion if an e-consult is suitable for the situation. 

Dynamic Regimen 

Holistic Nutrition

Basic Regimen with Hair Analysis


(Included in Heilkunst Follow-up)


One Basic Regimen Consult

Hair Analysis Kit

One Follow-up Regimen

Bioresonance CoRe

Standard CoRe 

CoRe Assessment & Treatment 100 
CoRe Assessment & Treatment 120 (with Report)

Advanced CoRe 

CoRe Assessment & Treatment 150 


CoRe + Follow-up Consultation 240

Integration Movement

Initial Movement Therapy


Movement Follow-Up 


Dynamic Counselling

Dynamic Counselling

Dynamic Counselling

100 (15-minute )

150 (30-minute )

Special Consultation*

* Special Consultation: Homeoprophylaxis, Flu Prevention,

First Aid, Seasonal Allergy, Travel Sickness, Dynamized Oral ImmunoTherapy (DOIT). (Remedy Kit included)

Special Acute Consultation

for New Patients

Special Consultation - Truff-aid Kit



Basic Acute Consultation (New Patients) 

Remedy Kit included

First-aid remedy kit included

(60 plus HCH Special Formulas)

Hair Analysis Kit


TraceElement Lab Hair Analysis

Pricing includes homeopathic remedies. Directly shipped from Canada.

Pricing in US dollars for non-Canadian residents.  In Canadian dollars for Canadian residents.

Cancellation Policy

Clients who fail to keep an appointment or who cancel less than 24 hours in advance of a consultation will be billed unless we are able to fill it in the meantime. We appreciate your understanding.

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