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What is Romantic Healthcare? 

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Romantic Healthcare, fully known as Romantic Science Healthcare, is a comprehensive healthcare system based on the development of Romantic Science over 200 years. 


Romantic Healthcare is a systematic approach to illness, whether acute or chronic, physical or psychological, metabolic or behavioural. It is highly effective and safe, even for infants and during pregnancy. 

MyHealthPlan is a unique health program that creates a truly practical and affordable individualized healthcare plan for you and your family. We identify the underlying causes of your health issues based on a comprehensive map of possible stress factors such as traumas, diet, toxins, and inherited patterns. 

Treatment is organized in stages to match your needs and involves both regimen factors (nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, detoxification) and specific healing blockages (shocks, traumas, inherited factors, iatrogenic insults...).


Romantic Science was at the foundation of what is known as the "Romantic movement" in Western culture that was initiated in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The heart of Romantic Science is man's effort to reunite the spirit with his material substance to become "whole" again in his experience and understanding of the world. Since the Romantic movement, various genial minds have advanced this science to the point where we can now say "Romanticism has come of age".  


Romantic Science is the rational basis for learning about vital or living nature (natura naturans). Material science (physics, chemistry, and other inertial sciences) is the basis for knowledge about inert nature (natura naturata). The material science approach theorizes that life arose randomly out of matter ("the chance whirlings of unproductive particles" - Coleridge) and matter itself was prodced out of nothing.  Whereas Romantic Science has discovered that matter is a product of mind and consciousness, not its cause, and that mind and mindfulness are the essences of the universe. 


Romantic Science includes the laws pertaining to inert nature to the extent that this is part of organisms but also sets out new laws that apply to their dynamic, vital aspect.  


Romantic Science gave birth to Romantic Healthcare, which is the practical application of its laws and principles. The current system of medicine is founded on inertial sciences, on the assumption that knowledge of the laws prevailing in inert and dead matter is the means to deal with the problems of health and illness.


Romantic Healthcare is based on direct knowledge of the specific laws reigning in and over vital nature, and the use of therapeutic measures consistent with these laws while taking into account, as required, the laws and principles derived from the inertial sciences.

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Visit the Center for Romantic Science and the School for Romantic Science and Healthcare. 

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