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Levels of Causation

For true healing we need to consider the causalities rather than just the manifesting symptoms. Any given symptom or condition has multiple types and layers of causation. MyHealthPlan is based on the most comprehensive map of causes assessment.


Romantic Healthcare is based on the treatment and removal of all identified underlying causes. Our goal is long-term health for all levels of our being, not partial or temporary relief of symptoms.


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Diet, Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise, and Toxicity 

Our bodies cannot work at their optimal level if we are eating the wrong foods, ingesting insufficient nutrients, performing inappropriate exercises, and inefficiently eliminating the built-up toxins (exogenous synthetic chemicals of all sorts and endogenous toxins due to metabolic imbalances ).


What is good for someone else may not be the best for you. For success, an individualized regimen plan based on your blood, glandular, and metabolic type is required. 

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Shocks and Traumas

Throughout life, you have experienced and received various types of traumas in many different forms. Today, the list of possible traumas is long and their impact often great. Possible types of traumas include drugs, vaccines, ultrasounds, blood draws, accidents, surgeries, and emotional shocks amongst many more.


You have a unique timeline of traumas that need to be treated specifically and sequentially (in the right order). 


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Advanced Regimen: Metabolic Balancing

Once the foundations of a regimen have been laid in terms of basic diet, nutrition, hydration and exercise, a more individualized protocol is required to remove deeper structural blockages involving functional homeostatic controls and mineralogical system balancing. These are targetted as they drive the various nutrient levels and interactions that make up your metabolism. 

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Inherited Disease Conditions

Each of us brings certain structural weakness into this world at birth. These are often hidden, but hold "fault lines" that can break under the stress of various shocks and traumas.


These inherited disease patterns contribute to many chronic illnesses. If they are not removed, they will continue to make you more susceptible to being negatively affected by subsequent stressors in your life. 

Let's examine one example - a headache. 

In simple cases, with only a few and easily corrected stressors, such as dehydration, poor diet, or a temporary emotional stress, the headache can be resolved rather quickly. However, often the headache returns periodically and can, eventually, become chronic, such as in the case of migraines. 


In such chronic cases, a complexity of factors has developed over time involving many layers, including inherited factors that can predispose one to migraines.

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You are unique both biologically and with your life experiences.

Your health is a complex case with many varied layers of blockages and will require:


  • a systematic understanding (map) of causal factors

+ identification of the specific factors in your case

  • a systematic, sequential plan of treatment of causal factors

+ developing a specific treatment plan for your case

Romantic Science Healthcarebased on natural laws and principles, offers a systematic treatment that is individualized for your unique health condition and life purpose. 


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