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Dynamic Assessment and Treatment

of Complex Blockages

Bioresonance Analysis provides a powerful method to identify and remove complex layers of causes that can be hidden from regular, sequential treatment of blockages. 


Bioresonance has been used in healthcare for over half a century, and more recently has been revolutionized with computer technology to increase its accuracy and practicality.


The specific program used, called CoRe, has been programmed with our own knowledge based on Romantic Science, and natural laws and principles. The CoRe programs and trays from our Romantic Health Center are unique, culminated from our own clinical and research experience. 


The CoRe remedies work on the principle of resonance in removing identified blockages. For each CoRe assessment, large amounts of health areas (between 40-60) are assessed for blockages, including the following main areas:

  • sub-conscious mental and emotional conflicts

  • deep-seated fears and anxieties

  • inherited disease conditions

  • metabolic dysfunctions

  • plant, animal and mineral source remedies

  • supportive plant essences, crystal energies, anthroposophic remedies, homeopathic formulas


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