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Dynamic Regimen

Nutrition, Diet, Lifestyle 

  • Foundational Regimen: your current state of diet, supplements, exercise, and other health-related issues (such as sunshine, quality and quantity of water intake, sleep) is assessed. A unique you regimen protocol is recommended based on your biochemistry and unique life-work style.

  • Nutritional Plandetailed focus on creating and implementing a dietary and nutritional plan specifically for YOU based on various key typologies that affect how we react to foods (blood, glandular, metabolic). Zoom in on the nutrients for you and your family! 

  • Metabolic Balancing: your metabolism is driven and guided by key dynamic balances that maintain homeostasis. Guided by your practitioner, there are basic tests that you can do to identify imbalances. Specific protocols with supplements are provided to correct these imbalances. 

  • Mineralogical Systems Balancing: your mineralogical system drives the rest of the nutritional factors. You will undertake an initial, and subsequent periodic testing as needed, using small amounts of your hair. This analysis provides specific recommendations for dietary adjustments, and possible supplements, to correct any mineralogical system imbalances, working synchronistically with the rest of your dietary and nutrient plan.

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