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Oral ImmunoTherapy


Homeopathic Desensitization

CompleteHealth Allergy Treatment Plan

For long term lasting improvement of your allergy problem and your overall health, we recommend CompleteHealth Allergy Treatment Plan.


  1. Sequential Timeline treatment of shocks and traumas (including traumas of going through an anaphylactic reaction), and Specific Allergy Formula 

  2. ​Inherited Disease Patterns (Chronic Miasms), and Specific Allergy Formula

  3. Dynamized Oral ImmunoTherapy (DOIT) Protocol for particular allergens

Our treatment will also address:

  • Gut health and the balance of gut bacteria

  • Holistic allergy-safe nutrition planning


Oral ImmunoTherapy


CompleteHealth Allergy Treatment Plan

Allergy is an immune system reaction to elements our body deems as foreign and harmful. While it's in the nature of the immune system to react to harmful elements, allergic reaction is a sign that your immune system is over-reacting. 


Treating the traumatic timeline with our safe alternative medicine approach often removes many forms of allergies and food sensitivities such as gluten intolerance, at the mean time we recognize the importance of avoidance strategy. For severe food allergies a safe nutritious meal plan is a priority while working on improving the overall health. 


We provide treatment for various types of allergy conditions and support with customized allergy-safe nutrition plan. The whole family can enjoy delicious nutritious meals that are safe for everyone! We are here to provide you with step-by-step support and treatment. Contact us for an individualized plan for you and your loved ones.

Treatment for:

  • seasonal allergies

  • food allergies

  • environmental allergies, bees and insects

  • other unspecific allergies

This picture shows a ragweed species in Ontario, Canada. In northern hemisphere many people suffer from ragweed allergies from August to early October. 

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