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For Common Conditions

(New Patients Welcome!)

In order to provide quick help for common conditions, we now offer the following Special Consultations to new patients.


Each type of Special Consultation will include the specific HCH remedy kit. These remedies may be used by anyone with the condition to provide quick relief.


Please note that this is for short-term use only. For long-term chronic health issues, we advise you to follow our regular consultation services.

  • First Aid Readiness Truff-Aid

    • basic Heilkunst healing principles and remedy guide
    • Truff-Aid online Remedy Reference Guide (Free)

    • Included: a complimentary first-aid kit of 60 plus remedies (Unique HCH Formulas)

  • Flu Prevention 

    • Included: Flu Nosodes and remedies for the prevention and treatment of the flu  

  • Seasonal Allergy 

    • Spring and Autumn allergies

    • Included: common remedies and location-specific plant pollens 

  • Travel Sickness  

    • Included: remedies for prevention and treatment of Jet lag, Motion sickness, and Arrival Tonic

  • Homoprophylaxis (HP)

    • Included: remedies for prevention and treatment of short-term acute diseases of "infectious" nature such as flus, childhood acute diseases (chicken pox, measles, etc)

    • a natural, safe and effective method of disease prevention

  • Dynamized Oral ImmunoTherapy (DOIT)

    • Homeopathic desensitization protocol for particular allergens, including food allergies, environmental allergies and more

If you are an existing patient, specific first aid situations and other special situations, such as flu and travel sickness prevention may be included in the regular follow-up appointments. 



Flu Prevention Package

For prevention of common flu

(New Patients Welcome!)

Over the years we have provided a flu preventative option as an alternative to the flu vaccine for those who wanted this. The best prevention is good health generally, and for that reason, we recommend above all the systematic approach to health that involves removing underlying disease causes (stressors, traumas and inherited disease patterns) as well as proper regimen (diet, nutrition, exercise, etc.). However, you can also use a specific protection against specific diseases such as the flu, for added protection. Of course, the specific protection works best the healthier you are generally.


The new Flu Prevention Package includes:


  1. Opening a Patient File and Health Record 

  2. One Phone Consultation with a practitioner

  3. One email Follow-up (In Jan 2020/before the 2nd set of remedies)

  4. One set of Remedies for the first part of the flu season Oct-Dec

  5. One set of Remedies for the second part of the flu season Jan-Mar


For our current patients of active status the Flu Prevention remedies are usually included with the Regular Follow-up consultation upon request. 


HCH Flu Remedy Formula includes: 

- Influenzinum (general flu virus)

- Thymulin (immune boost/stimulates thymus gland)

- Oscillococcinum (immune boost/anti-viral, cold-like symptoms, aka Anas barbariae)

- Ferr-phos (immune system/general fever-like symptoms)


Various potency available/depending on the case.

One dose of Influenzinum, followed by weekly dose of the Immune Combo.

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