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What is

a healing reaction?

Healing is part of a deeply curative process.

Healing proceeds in a specific way, following certain natural principles, and aided by natural medicines. These principles have been observed for centuries by natural physicians. They were set down formally by Dr. Constantine Hering and Dr. James Tyler Kent, two homeopathic physicians.


You get sick in a certain order in space and time, and your symptoms appear in a set order. Nature heals in the reverse order of the disease process.This means that the healing proceeds from the mental/ emotional level to the physical level, from the deeper organs to the more superficial, from above downwards (as often seen in rashes), and in the reverse order of the original occurrence of the various diseases.


The direction of the change in symptoms is very important. It is the direction that tells the physician whether a true healing process is underway, or simply palliation (temporary suppression of symptoms). When you take a deep acting energetic remedy for a chronic disease condition, you will experience a healing reaction.This means that you will see a change in your symptoms according to the natural direction of healing.


First, you will likely experience an improvement at the mental/emotional level. For example, concentration will improve, irritability will decline, you will have a more positive outlook and you will feel more confident and calm.Old symptoms may return. You may experience symptoms at the more superficial level, while deeper organs will improve and strengthen.


Healing is like house cleaning. A lot of old stuff that has accumulated must be cleared out. Much of this elimination takes place at the physical level; congestion, various discharges, skin reactions, aches and pains are among the types of symptoms you can expect as signs of healing. In most cases, after taking a remedy you should experience an initial improvement or sense of well-being. About 10-14 days after taking a remedy, you may experience a temporary worsening of your condition, usually physical (although it will still be better than at the start of treatment). You may also have a return of old symptoms. This state normally lasts for 1-3 days, then will return to the improved state you experienced prior to the healing reaction.

The direction of a true healing process

Dr. Hering stated that a true, natural healing process for a particular disease proceeds according to the following pattern.


From above downward:

Since our mental/emotional state is more important than our physical state, healing should always result in an improvement first at the mental/emotional level.Any physical reaction will tend to move down the body, e.g., a rash that moves from the face to the chest, the legs and then the feet.


From inside outward:

The deeper a disease state, the more serious the internal organs affected. The skin is the most superficial organ and once a skin rash or other symptom appears or worsens temporarily, this is a sign that the deeper disturbance is being forced out.


Dr. Kent added the following:

In the reverse order of time:

old symptoms associated with the time of the blockage or inherited weakness you are being treated for may return. Old disease states, or rather their symptoms, may return. The symptoms, however, are now the sign of the internal healing or repair process, and are temporary.

What to do for an acute

healing reaction?

What to do with possible healing reactions during your treatment?
For current patients, you would have received acute healing reactions instructions in your remedy notes. If you require further assistance, please submit a Support Request Form. A service charge may apply. 
For first-aid situations please use the free Truff-aid Remedy Guide.
For administrative issues, please visit the Office Support.

What to do for first-aid


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