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What to do for a new acute symptom or trauma?

Support Section for Current Patients
New Acute Symptoms or Traumas
For current patients, if you have new acute symptoms within one month of your consultation, you can do the following: 
  • for a first-aid situation, please use the free Truff-aid Remedy Guide with Truff-aid remedy kit. 
  • for new symptoms not related to previous treatment, or a new traumatic event since last treatment, please book a regular consultation.
If you require further assistance, please submit a Support Request Form. A service charge may apply. 

What to do for first-aid


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NEW! Book a Special Consultation on first-aid & receive a complimentary Truff-aid remedy kit! 
Includes unique HCH special formulas for over 60 common conditions such as cuts and bruises, falls, insect bites, stomachaches, seasonal allergies, sunburns and much more... 
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