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Services & Treatment

Virtual consultations by phone or video call for your specific health needs.

Remedies included and mailed directly from our office in Canada. 
Homeopathic Bottles

Dynamic Medicine

Heilkunst Homeopathy

  • Sequential Timeline Treatment for Shocks and Traumas, and General Health

  • Bioresonance Assessment and Treatment

  • Treatment of Acute and Chronic conditions

  • Heilkunst Treatment for Autism

  • First-Aid Readiness

  • Flu Prevention ... and more

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Assessment and Treatment

  • Frontier technology and healing method: Bioresonance analysis and treatment is designed to identify and remove complex blockages and disease layers.

  • Detecting deep and complex underlying causes

  • Available in distance

First Aid

Special Consultation

For Common Conditions

Remedy Kit Included

  • First Aid Readiness 

  • Flu Prevention 

  • Seasonal Allergy 

  • Travel Sickness

  • Homoprophylaxis

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Oral ImmunoTherapy


Homeopathic Desensitization

for Allergy 

Desensitization protocol for Food Allergy, Seasonal Allergy, and other allergies

Low-risk oral immunotherapy 

conducted at home with guidance

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Dynamic Regimen


  • Holistic Nutrition based on Typology and Individuality

  • Foundational Regimen Plans

  • Advanced Regimen Protocols

  • Metabolic Balancing

  • Mineral-Nutrient System Balancing

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Integration Movement

Dynamic Activation/Support

  • Specific attention to movement through various exercises can speed up healing and integration.

  • Working with the polarity of formative forces and growth forces

  • Improve health through all that has to do with the etheric movement in Speech

  • Harmonizing and Healing by improving the metabolic activities

Holding Hands

Dynamic Counselling

Healing Relationships

  • Family dynamics

  • Spousal dynamics

  • Parenting issues

Dynamic Counselling ~ Conversation

Dynamic Counselling ~ Movement

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Dynamic Hair Analysis

Mineralogical System Balancing

Periodic testing by TraceElement Lab using small amounts of your hair.

Dynamic analysis of mineral relationships provides scientific guidance for nutrition and mineral supplementation.

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